What Makes This Program and Trainer Different From the Rest?

chakra man

a deeper explanation of Mackeyfit Holistic Programs


How does someone who comes to you accomplish the holistic state?
What do you do?
What can be achieved by working with you?
How would I feel and what would be different for me after working with you?



My answers:

I'm a holistic fitness integration specialist working to integrate the dimensions of fitness with spiritual consciousness. I affect change in people's health and well being by educating them about their body/mind through holistic fitness and spiritual integration. I help people achieve self-empowerment through physical, mental, and spiritual training practice. I work on a one on one basis with individuals to integrate all aspects of their being for health and empowerment purposes. I'm working to synthesize various modes of fitness, health, and healing for the purpose of helping people feel balanced, centered, and at peak personal power.

During and after the process of working with me you will be reminded of the invincible spiritual essence within you. You will have the opportunity to feel an ever-present power that never leaves. From a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perspective, you will be equipped with resources that allow you stay as healthy as possible on all levels, and to confront all that occurs in life from a centered, balanced and symbolic understanding and inner peacefulness. Your body will literally feel more integrated, coordinated, liberated, and in homeostasis, with less energetic blockages and/or muscular or skeletal tightness or pain. You will breather deeper, and easier, and your body can take on the exact form you desire. The perception of stress will not define or limit you, but inspire you onward. You wil feel the confidence in knowing that you are a co-creator of this universe, able to achieve and bring into existance anything you set your mind to.


How do you do that?

This depends on the individual and what they are currently *ready* and desiring to assimilate into their lives.

1. For the client looking for the most comprehensive and thorough work:

With this information I can :
a) help you define the most effective, efficient, appropriate, helpful, and enjoyable modes of training for your specific needs and purposes.
b) combine it with my intuitive skills, training, and experience to provide insight, encouragement, guidance and assistance to integrate the various dimensions and components of a person's overall life, or dimensions specifically required at that time.
c) at this time I also provide specific recommendations for achieving the desired physical goals, explaining why certain ones will be relatively more effective for their personal physiological make-up.

Additional Healing Work:


2. For other clients seeking unique or specific health related goals: