Client Stories



Fitness as Self Exploration and Understanding

"Andrew provided me with a service that goes far beyond the traditional limitations of fitness training and consulting. He carries a tremendous gift for intuitively reading the energy of the physical body. His own insights into the way I carry my body, where I feel strong within my body, and where I feel challenged….all led me toward a deeper exploration of how my mental and spiritual challenges are manifested through my physical body in a tangible way. We chose to work with archetypes to become more conscious of the ways in which I empower or disempower myself, on both the conscious and unconscious level, and how my choices in life intimately connect to my physical body. Working with Andrew allowed me to become more fluent in the understanding the language of my body, so that I am better equipped to carry on a healthy dialogue with it as I travel through life. Much of this, was accomplished with in- person discussion and over the phone."

-M. L, Professional Therapist, San Fransisco, CA


"I've worked with Andrew in both training and reiki sessions, and I cannot say enough about the intuitive and generous nature of this individual in all aspects of his work. Many can get a license to go out there and put people through their paces, getting them into shape; but the difference in working with Andrew is that he really tunes into where you are on your individual journey and works with that in a highly specialized way. He listens intently and nurtures your growth with support, encouragement and total dedication. Never before have I actually looked forward to working out with weights! -He also switches it up and makes it fun, blending the workout to your personality, and taking it outside, going to a park and near trees if you like (which I most definitely did).

When I had my first reiki session with Andrew, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, as I am a big fan of 'hands-on' deep tissue massage, where I can directly feel the immediate physical results of treatment (especially in dealing with migraine headaches and severe muscle tension). But he encouraged me to try reiki, suggesting that I would feel an energetic shift and benefit from the work. Although I had tried this kind of work a couple of times in the past, Andrew's session was entirely different! It's difficult to describe the full experience in writing, but suffice it to say that it far exceeded my expectations and I most definitely went back for more!!"

**Jennifer Austin

Actress/Production ---- West Hollywood/San Francisco, CA

Training Other Health Professionals

"In just the first few weeks of workouts with Andrew, I’ve already noticed myself getting stronger and leaner as well as becoming more flexible and having better balance. He always switches up the workout routine, which I know is good for my body, but also keeps me interested throughout the session. My core strength allows me to do normal daily activities with more power and confidence. My energy levels are up and I’m looking forward to getting back into fantastic shape again!"

On more of a business note, I feel I am really fortunate to have Andrew as a resource to refer my patients to for custom-made, safe yet powerful workout sessions. So many people in my practice want to start exercising, but don’t know where to begin. From his consultation and initial sessions, Andrew is able to assess what each individual wants to achieve and then creates a specific plan for them detailing what they need to do to get there. I know – Andrew has been my personal trainer for 3 months now and we have already surpassed where I wanted to take my own health and fitness in that time. Everyone I have sent to him has been equally happy with not only his workouts and the results, but with his expertise, guidance, insight, support and his genuine desire to help people reach their goals as well.

Dr. Jay Warren

I have known Andrew for about three years now. He is an incredibly intuitive and compassionate human BE-ing! I have recently been blessed with the opportunity to experience not only his expertise in the area of personal training but also his insightfulness in regard to my strengths and challenges through working with archetypes and astrology. I am impressed with how accurate this work is and how intimately connected it is with the way in which I hold my body. The habitual patterns and resultant tension becomes more evident through this process of looking within. And through it all, Andrew is there as a gentle guide. He genuinely listens to what you have to share about your goals and desires and designs a session around this.
I haven't been one to enjoy workout routines. I've often found myself amidst a glorious excuse to get out of going to the gym or a run in the park. To say that I was pleasantly surprised after my session with Andrew would be an understatement. I had a blast! I was energized and I could truly feel the benefits immediately! What excited me about the 'routine' was that we didn't stick to one form of exercise for more than ten minutes. It kept me interested and excitedly awaiting whatever came next. I felt every muscle being worked in numerous ways with each exercise. I felt my body was finally being 'worked' how it was meant to be worked!
Anyone desiring to know themselves on a deeper level must allow themselves the opportunity to work with Andrew! Ask yourself how you would like to live in your body, and then schedule an appointment with Andrew and watch the doors open before you!

-Marissa Workowski
CranioSacral Therapy and Therapeutic Bodywork


Holistic Results...

"I have been working out with Andrew for the past 7 months and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Not only am I physically stronger and healthier, but I have grown mentally and spiritually, as well.

Before starting an exercise program I was very tired and found it difficult to perform my day to day tasks. I often struggled with my self-image constantly judging myself or comparing myself to others and what I thought I “should be.” Meeting Andrew changed all of this for me.

Besides being an extremely knowledgeable master trainer providing a plethora of information pertaining to your individual needs, he provides you with the tools to lead a healthy lifestyle incorporating the mind, body, and spirit. Each piece is interdependent upon each other. If one is weak, the rest will follow suit. Immediately, you feel comfortable with Andrew and trust in his ability. He follows through with what he sets out to do and presents you with new challenges to keep you motivated. I would classify Andrew as a silent motivator because he has a calm peacefulness in his method of training, which is not overwhelming or intimidating. He is also understanding and supportive of each of his clients. He has an ability to tune into what you need at any given moment and capitalizes on your strengths and improves your weaknesses.

I highly recommend Andrew to anyone wanting or willing to make a life change. Andrew’s charisma and passion for life is contagious, which inspires you to find a new sense of being. You just can’t help but smile and desire to be the best you can be with him as your trainer, health role model, and integral part of your support system."

Rachelle B. - Small Business Owner

Holistic Fitness as a bridge between the trainer and the physician.

"I had thought of consulting a Physical Trainer but never felt the intuitive connection to have a consultation until I met Andrew Mackey. . Three months ago I had the great fortune to have a consultation with Andrew. In one hour he showed me several terrific exercises which improved some of my greatest deficits immediately. A month later, I was fortunate to have several more sessions with Andrew. I have been using a Health Rider for 13 years. Andrew showed me two MUCH better ways to use my favorite total body exercise machine! In addition, he introduced me to the BOSU, a simple and marvelous addition, as well as several other tools and exercises.

Just as you will do much better with a specific language teacher to learn a new language, a competent Physical Trainer is not a luxury, it provides the best possible program for true physical fitness. Andrew has a broad holistic approach to health and well-being.

I am convinced that most people need a counselor, coach, trainer, guide, mentor, director for optimal health. Physicians are terrific in managing acute illness. However, with rare exception, they offer little guidance in achieving health or managing chronic problems. Go to them for acute illness and for diagnostic evaluation. For optimal physical fitness, consult someone like Andrew. As with everything related to health, if you do not feel that the first person you consult is the BEST, you will do well to work with him.

He can help you develop an integrated, comprehensive program that optimizes time, lifestyle, motivation, health and spiritual well-being. I have always felt that children need a surrogate parent while they are growing up! I now feel that adults need a surrogate coach or guide for optimal health!"

- C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Energy Medicine
President Emeritus
Holos University Graduate Seminary



One client's story. A victory for us both....

A little backstory: I was a four-sport athlete from grade school through high school; I dreamed of playing football at Notre Dame and then in the NFL. Even after I earned a college degree and switched career goals, I remained active into my late 30s, playing competitive softball, basketball, and racquetball, and swimming for exercise. When my wife and I attended my 20-year high school reunion, I weighed 165 pounds --- the same weight I had carried as a 16-year-old sophomore quarterback.
It was only when I entered my 40s that my body changed for the worse. I began working my way up the corporate ladder soon after assuming the responsibilities of caring for a mother with Alzheimer's, and as I became a stressed-out desk jockey, working long days and weeks, my condition deteriorated. Over the next 14 years, I became a Vice President at my company, but I also put on 80 pounds and felt increasingly despondent about ever regaining my health and physical fitness. There was so little time in my day for exercise, and as someone who loved to cook I was eating too much of everything --- double jeopardy.
A few years ago, my wife and I hired Andrew Mackey as our personal trainer, and I immediately began to see and feel the benefits of his approach. Unfortunately, I impeded my own progress more than once over the next few years, taking both short and long breaks from training to tend to the demands of life and work. With each cessation, I wondered whether I'd ever be able to sustain a workable program.
In April 2007, I resumed a regular training regimen with Andrew, combining it with a reasonable portion- and fat-control diet. As I write this in mid-July, I've lost 35 pounds and have a renewed determination to reach my weight and fitness goals, now revised for my age and added muscle. As a result of Andrew's training, I am much stronger and more flexible at age 57 than I was as a teenager, and I have energy from morning well into the evening. In these few months, I've even lowered my blood sugar from a pre-diabetic 119 to 92, and my blood pressure from the "hypertension" level to "normal". My physician is amazed.
Certainly, any sustained training effort can bring about positive changes in one's fitness and attitude, but Andrew possesses qualities that I've never seen in a personal trainer. In contrast to pushy A-types I've known, he's calm, kind, and reassuring. He remained patient and nonjudgmental through all my stops and starts, never losing faith in me or resorting to dire warnings or ultimata. Now that I'm making better progress than I have in decades, now that my goals of wearing my old clothing sizes and looking and feeling like myself again are within reach, he shares my excitement and is more encouraging than ever. I know I'm going to succeed.
In his holistic approach, Andrew also offers information about other aspects of physical and mental well-being that can work in conjunction with fitness training to bring about a complete personal makeover. He has remained the one constant in my sometimes arduous effort to regain my health and outlook, and I can't imagine having come this far without his guidance.
I highly and unequivocally recommend Andrew Mackey to anyone who truly wants to renew him- or herself --- safely, steadily, and assuredly.

John D'Agostino
San Diego, CA


Holistic Life Coaching Client Shares View

Resilience, integrity, humility, loyalty, and love - these are just some of the traits that Andrew Mackey embodies and brings to the table in his consultation, training, and coaching work. Andrew has changed my world and my view of the world in so many ways. I have been so privileged and blessed to have known and benefited by his services for several years now. His kindness radiates within and even after spending just moments in his presence you can't help but feel happier, lighter, and overall more content.

Through his hard work and intense dedication to what he does and believes in, Andrew can help and heal even the most restless of souls. Our work has helped me conquer day to day anxieties and harsh pulls, to feelings of anger, fear, and discouragement. He is a true healer (or facilitator of the healing process). He is a seeker and promoter of truth and all things pure. Ask questions……this guy has answers….he just ‘knows things’.

How Andrew has helped me has been more at an internal level. He has helped me work through some of my darkest hours to bring me into the lighter sides of life . His skill and intuitive ability with Astrology, Reiki, and Archetypes is obviously a natural gift that he has been blessed with. He incorporated all of these tools into work with me as I learned about my individual energy patterns and how to best work with, control, master, and balance them.

Andrew has taught me the importance of balance (yin/yang) in life. I’ve also learned the importance of and how to be congruent ( which is a daily challenge for me). With the skills and tools that he has taught me, I have learned to deal with all challenges and curve balls that life throws at me with more confidence, faith, insight, understanding, and acceptance. It’s meant world of difference for the inner peace I feel inside. Another huge challenge for me was boundary setting and applying discernment on a daily basis. I now face those obstacles head on.

He has the ability to help us all meet, recognize, approach and love different aspects of our selves, our soul, and our spirit.
I am forever grateful to Andrew Mackey. He is an angel and one of kind. We should all be so lucky to have someone like him in our lives, helping to guide us to trust our own intuition and highest selves, and learn to see the events in our lives symbolically. Explore the gamut of what he offers – you wont’ be disappointed.

J. B. - Medical Field, San Diego, CA