Introductory Fitness Consultation and Workout Package $500

Includes :

2 hr Comprehensive Health Assessment and Information Synthesis
Body Composition Assessment and Fitness Evaluation/Tests
(3) 1-hour workouts
Printed Astrological and Numerological Profiles
Intuitive Chakra Analysis and Energetic System Recommendations
Printed Recommendations - all health aspects

This unique package is spread out over 6 sessions and covers all major aspects of your health and wellness, as they relate to your individual needs and goals. Fitness personality, nutritional habits, individual dietary suggestions, environmental considerations, supplementation, and health history will also be addressed. The science of energy is directly correlated to how we feel each day. This package will provide you with the invaluable information required to maximize your energy by understanding your personal energetic nature and potential in reference to your overarching life and lifestyle. This is accomplished by first identifying where you are losing energy, and then forming a comprehensive plan for how to restore, balance, and integrate all aspects of your well-being in order to direct it most efficiently toward your goals. We will collaborate to define which modes, intensities, and duration of physical movement and/or healing are most appropriate for you.