What is Holistic Fitness?


Fitness has been too often defined solely by the physical component as a measure of health.
MackeyFit is Evolving that concept to where it should be. Fitness is more than a physical state. It's mental, and it's spiritual as well. These three respective components are individually important and essential to a fulfilling, healthy life. Their potential is unlimited when and if they can be fully realized. It is our belief at MackeyFit that they do not exist separately from each other, but are synchronized, dependent upon, accent, and are in concert with one another at all times.

When your mind or spirit is weak, your physical health suffers. When your body is weak, your focus decreases, your mind and spirit are relatively weaker as well. All 3 must be properly maintained for your health to be its best. For this reason they are all given heavy consideration in the development and implementation of your fitness program. Your exercise and fitness program can be more effective when the presence of each of these components of holistic fitness is strong.


the 7 level energetic system