Physical Training




The benefits of physical training and conditioning are no mystery. We are bombarded daily with messages telling us of what physical activity will do for us….so we must know by now, right?

Not exactly. The sedentary lifestyle is still the most popular for Americans. More than half of our population is considered to be overweight. This lifestyle can certainly take away from the quality of one’s life by limiting their biological and physical functioning in even simple daily tasks. Eventually a sedentary lifestyle will lead to potentially life-threatening, irreversible conditions and diseases down the road.

At MackeyFit, we promote physical training not only for the visible physical benefits, but for preventative health medicine as well. You can save yourself thousands of dollars by taking matters into your own hands and living a physically active life. Just a few of the many, many benefits are listed below:

  • Improve physical appearance through increases in lean muscle mass and decreases in fat (adipose) tissue
  • Increase cardio-vascular (heart) and circulatory system functioning
  • Increases in strength and endurance
  • Lower chances of heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis
  • Decrease levels of harmful cholesterols and increase good ones
  • Increase energy levels throughout the day
  • Sleep better
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Enjoy greater sexual drive and performance


      Benefits You Will Enjoy Include: