Mackeyfit Holistic Personal Training

Fitness Release and Waiver

The Following is a waiver. Please print out and read before signing.

*By affixing my signature to this document, I attest, contract, understand, and agree that I am to be legally bound by its contents.

I hereby stipulate and agree that I realize the risks of cardiovascular exercise, weight lifting, weight training and am fully aware of the possibility of mechanical and or other malfunctions of equipment, machines, outdoor training, and or free weights/apparatus. Initial ____

I am physically sound and have medical approval to proceed with normal routine of exercise. I understand that all exercises shall be undertaken by me at my sole risk. I attest that I am in good health and have no physical conditions that would be aggravated by my involvement in ALL forms of exercise and training. I hereby acknowledge the consequences of exercise and wave my rights to sue Andrew Mackey or any Mackeyfit trainers. Initial_______

The undersigned recognizes that the use of the Mackeyfit services involves an inherent risk of physical injury including that caused by the negligence of the undersigned, Andrew Mackey, or otherwise employees of Mackeyfit. Andrew Mackey and Mackeyfit trainers shall not be liable for injuries or damages to the undersigned, or by subject to any claim, demand, injury, death, or damages whatever, including, without limitation, those damages resulting from acts of passive or active negligence on the part of the aforementioned trainers for all such claims, demands, injuries, death, damages, actions, or cause of action. Initial_______

Print Name: ____________________________________
Signature: _______________________________________
Date: ____________________________________________