The Artist's Mission

"If we cannot envision a better world, we cannot create one." - Alex Grey

Art is the expression of strong individuals that emerges from their passionate personal vision. Throughout history we've seen that the visions embedded in transcendental art have the capacity to transform cultures. Collectively, we can ask: where are we now, and where are we going, in relation to those previous changes and transformations? What shifts need to occur right now to further our collective and individual evolutions?

It is my belief that all of us, and artists in particular, have a responsibility to look deeply within ourselves to define what we are contributing to our shared existance, and it's current place in the grand scheme of time. Each and every one of our thoughts, actions, prayers, and choices are energetic, co-created forms that shape and influence our reality and our world. In all senses of the phrase, we truly do create our own reality. This is and will be the calling card trademark of the new astrological age of Aquarius we are transitioning into at this time.

The planets are aligning themselves into this new 2000 year period, shifting into a new 'era'. This will be a time of a rich medium of creativity, humanitarianism,increasing intuitive forces and abilities, imagination, spirituality, enlightenment and idealism. It is time to leave the bad, and build upon the good, of a period marked by warring, power struggles, industrialization, and materialism. It is time we as a collective unit and inhabitants of this sphere moved past, or at the very least recognize our fears of frightend self-protection, resisting change and conscious evolution. We must trust and manifest the strength of our intuitions to accomplish this. We must seek to self-realize and to connect with the highest goodness, and universal creative force present and within each of us. It is here that we have a direct access to universal principles and a superior seeing and reasoning power, transcendent of our own human eyes, minds, and thoughts. It is here that we may embrace the potential quality to bring into existance the best we can imagine.

Never have the effects of greed, ignorance, and hatred been more capable of destroying the fabric of nature and the foundations of life today. The need for healing actions that foster collective awakening and demonstrate personal responsibility for global conditions has never been greater.

With all of this being said, the conscious and responsible artist must take into consideration:

1) Can art become a healing path that reveals the beauty and holiness of ourselves and our world?

2) Can and does it project a positive idea of what we and our world may become?

3) Is the art simply symbolic and imaginative, or does it elevate to another level?

4) Does it contribute to a negative or lower consciousness and reality or a bright future?)


Art must uplift, inspire, and become a flame of spiritual vision. It must express something that we are not yet, but can become.

My co-creations are my attempt and contribution to light one small candle, rather than curse the darkness.

In the Greek myth of Prometheus, he stole fire (light/consciousness) from the Gods, bringing it down the mountain, in order that humanity might be able to see and exist from these higher levels. I too, choose to illuminate the highest of ideals and only true power - love.

I choose to carry the torch highlighting that there is greater benefit in unifcation, tolerating, and appreciating our differences as peoples in the human race, than in the years of failed attempts to demonstrate rightness or wrongness of religion, custom or perspective.

If each of us embraces these truths, perhaps we'll see more in the way of understanding, appreciating, and promoting the common denominators inherent within all of us. Only then shall that ideal cease to be an ideal, and a new, more pleasant reality may be born.

My hope is that my own efforts adequately demonstrate the parallel and intertwined planes of the physical and spiritual realms; for the pupose of understanding just how closely connected we all are to each other, and the universal creative force.

All is One.

At the most fundamental level, I am you, and you are me. We are of the same ever-present, intangible essence of spirit.

It is time we reflect the knowledge of this sacred truth, lighting the darkness and paving the way for the evolution that will take place during our respective time here. Together, we shall shape what our ever-changing world will look like tommorrow, and move it closer to the destiny for which it is intended.

This is the life, this is the time to bring heaven to Earth, my friends...