Training the Mind
Another vital component of holistic fitness training is in training the mind. It takes more than just a physically fit body if you want to be strong, healthy and effective in your life pursuits. Each one of us face pressures everyday that can take away our attention from tasks at hand, and where it should be at that precise moment. It can be a constant struggle to maintain this focus. Sometimes we adjust under difficulties and find necessary alternatives to succeed; sometimes we don’t meet the challenges so well. It is a daily challenge, and therefore something we can improve on. MackeyFit will help assist in this process by helping you to implement mental training techniques to:








  • learn to use visualization and imagery to create success in your activities.
  • learn to ‘center’ yourself.
  • relax under pressure situations.
  • focus on task-relevant cues.
  • control your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
  • know your own mental strengths and weaknesses
  • capitalize on this knowledge by playing
    to your strengths and improving your weaknesses.