"Although I have been physically active with a regular exercise program for all my life, two sessions with Andrew improved my routines far more than anything I have done in 50+ years! For optimal physical fitness, consult someone like Andrew. As with everything related to health, if you do not feel that the first person you consult is the BEST, you will do well to work with him. He can help you develop an integrated, comprehensive program that optimizes time, lifestyle, motivation, health and spiritual well-being. "

-C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Energy Medicine, President Emeritus
Holos University Graduate Seminary


"Anyone desiring to know themselves on a deeper level must allow themselves the opportunity to work with Andrew! I have recently been blessed with the opportunity to experience not only his expertise in the area of personal training but also his insightfulness in regard to my strengths and challenges through working with archetypes and astrology.Ask yourself how you would like to live in your body, and then schedule an appointment with Andrew and watch the doors open before you!"

-Marissa Workowski
CranioSacral Therapy and Therapeutic Bodywork

"Andrew provided me with a service that goes far beyond the traditional limitations of fitness training and consulting. He carries a tremendous gift for intuitively reading the energy of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual body."

-M. L, Professional Therapist, San Francisco, CA

"...the difference in working with Andrew is that he really tunes into where you are on your individual journey and works with that in a highly specialized way. He listens intently and nurtures your growth with support, encouragement and total dedication. I cannot say enough about the intuitive and generous nature of this individual in all aspects of his work. "

-Jennifer Austin, Actress/Production, West Hollywood/San Francisco, CA

"Everyone I have sent to him has been equally happy with not only his workouts and the results, but with his expertise, guidance, insight, support and his genuine desire to help people reach their goals as well."

-Dr. Jay Warren

"Working out with Andrew for the past 7 months and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. He's a silent motivator because he has a calm peacefulness in his method of training, which is not overwhelming or intimidating. Andrew’s charisma and passion for life is contagious, which inspires you to find a new sense of being. You just can’t help but smile and desire to be the best you can be with him as your trainer, health role model, and integral part of your support system."

- Rachelle B., Small Business Owner

"Andrew possesses qualities that I've never seen in a personal trainer. In contrast to pushy A-types I've known, he's calm, kind, and reassuring. As a result of his training, I am much stronger and more flexible at age 57 than I was as a teenager, and I have energy from morning well into the evening. In these few months, I've even lowered my blood sugar from a pre-diabetic 119 to 92, and my blood pressure from the "hypertension" level to "normal". My physician is amazed. I've lost 35 pounds and have a renewed determination to reach my weight and fitness goals. Andrew has remained the one constant in my sometimes arduous effort to regain my health and outlook, and I can't imagine having come this far without his guidance."

J. D. - San Diego