Personal Philosophy


Specializing In Credentials Philosophy


"The most beautiful and most profound emotion that we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the source of all true science." - Albert Einstein

My personal philosophy is founded upon a basic belief and theme that every thought, is a prayer, or intention carrying energy that directly creates our reality. We are most certainly co-creators of our lives.

I also believe that all people are interconnected to eachother, and to a divine power. I feel that our intuition is the greatest gift we have, as it relates to understanding ourselves, others, refining our own health and well being, and to navigating the ensuing connection between each of us.

Specifically, within the fitness industry, I believe personal faith composes the greatest portion of the spiritual component of holistic fitness, most notably in the confidence, consistency, and peace it brings to our lives. Additionally, I advocate the holistic approach of giving equal attention to the dimension of mind, body, and spirit as the path to optimal health and wellness.

All of the challenges we face serve to make us stronger individuals with greater character in the end. Perseverant efforts in making ourselves stronger, happier, healthier, more productive people can lead us to complete our personal goals and missions in life.

As a personal trainer I also promote the practice and distribution of information and instruction that will lead to the achievement of long term health and fitness goals. I believe it's important to help clients establish a personal knowledge base that will keep them intrinsically motivated, and thus depending on themselves and divine energies in their pursuit of positive health endeavors throughout their entire lives.