Reiki - Energetic Balancing and Healing



rei' (meaning 'universal' or 'spiritual') and ki (Chinese qi, meaning 'energy' or 'life force')

Definition: Reiki is deep relaxation brought about by increased contact with divine energy, from which we receive more than we could through normal circumstances. It is the art of channeling life-force energy.


5 effects of Reiki

1) Brings deep relaxation
2) Dissolves energy blockages
3) Detoxifies
4) Supplies healing, universal life-force energy
5) Increases the vibrational frequency of the body




• The real solutions to life’s challenges lie within oneself.
• Recognize and remove the inner causes of your life problems and your vitality will develop respectively.
• Life is an interplay of yin and yang.
• Laws of evolution – further our development through the confrontations of life.
• Being conscious, alive, and sensitive, allows us to respond to life with the least amount of resistance coming back at us.
• Use the movements, forward energy, of your environment to propel yourself back into harmony.
• Massive incentives for development such as serious illness, accidents, or other blows of fate are not necessary.
• For the easiest learning, one should be free from blockages, so that this all important sensitivity may thrive.
• Reiki energy helps us adjust to the inherent changes of our time.

The Reiki recipient draws in the amount of energy he/she needs to take in.