Reiki - Energetic Balancing and Healing


What is a Reiki Session like?

During a Reiki session the recipient's universal life-force energy is increased, accelerating the healing process. It is the recipientís intention and the bodyís innate ability to know what needs healing that direct the energy flow where needed. The practitioner serves as the channel for the flow of energy


Hands-on sessions usually begin with the recipient lying face up on a massage table, clothed and in a quiet, private area. It is also possible to perform Reiki while the recipient is sitting comfortably. Nothing is required of the healee except permission to perform the Reiki session. The practitioner gently places their hands on, or a few inches above or directly on the recipient's body, in a series of hand positions corresponding to the location of the energy centers, (also known as chakras) and endocrine glands. The practitioner usually starts at the head and ends at the feet. Many times the practitioner may be guided to focus on different areas. Each hand position is held for approximately two to three minutes. There is no pressure, manipulation, or massaging of the body. Most recipients began to feel relaxed quickly and occasionally some may fall asleep during the session. Some people report feeling warmth or tingling as the energy moves through their body and also emotions, memories, insights, and a few may see colors. Some people donít feel any of these sensations, this is perfectly normal because the body is able to utilize this energy for healing regardless of recipient awareness.














At the completion of the session the practitioner will quietly tell the recipient the session is finished. Many people report continuing to feel a sense of deep relaxation, as if they had just had a short but very deep sleep. A few minutes later they may feel alert, refreshed and energized, balance and relaxed. It is normal for the healee/recipient to experience brief aggravation of symptoms, however the symptoms usually rapidly resolve after this.

It is important that recipients of energy work be aware of behaviors that trigger or aggravate the initial problem, and that they make healthy changes in their behaviors. It is also important to remember that Reiki is not a medical science, for medical diagnoses and treatment you should access the best medical care available to you. Know that Reiki is available to you at any time to help you remain calm and centered.

Currently held beliefs value the sacredness of Reiki but are not as secretive as in the past. Reiki is a life force energy available to all. Reiki Masters and Practitioners are attuned to this energy and facilitate its movement to heal.

1. The Healee must take responsibility for the healing.
2. The Practitioner must always get permission from the personís soul or being to give them Reiki Treatment.
3. An equal exchange should take place for services rendered.