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Astrological Tai Chi at Blue Sky Ranch - Lakeside, CA@ Subtle Energy Retreat

September 25-26 2015






Here you will find information about the subtle energy, complementary and alternative medicine approaches to integrated and holistic wellness that I have been training in, offering, and practicing for the past 15 years.

I'm excited to share these fantastic modalities with you as your personal guide, consultant, and teacher - for the purpose of your own self discovery, enhanced awareness, personal growth, enhanced creativity, restoration, and re-membering of whole-ness.

I invite you to join me on a journey of spiritual evolution and energetic freedom and independence as we move in the direction of who we were born to become.


  • The harmony and balance of your body's major energy centers via a reiki session
  • Learn and flow in the 12 sacred movements of the zodiac in an Astrological Tai Chi gathering or private session
  • Tibetan shamanistic guided imagery to resolve any current personal issue and transform the body/mind
  • Discover more about your true authentic self with an Evolutionary Astrology, Numerology or Archetype reading
  • Co-create and own a Soul Mandala or Astro-Chart Art piece specifically designed with your energy in mind