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Evolutionary Astrology


Holistic and Evolutionary Astrology Readings


Option 1 - Comprehensive Natal Astrology chart reading ($297)

Services and products received in this package:  

1) The professional astrology software computer generated reports of your astrology - natal chart information emailed to you. These are ideal to have this for the technical, background and detailed information.

2) The multiple paged report that I write as I interpret and synthesize your information based on my numerology, tarot, path of destiny, evolutionary astrology analysis.  

3) Copies of all all your personal profiles from my resources. These are digital scans that can be emailed to you if we are not meeting in person. These are great as reference material you'll want to look at in the future.

4) 2 hour in person (or Skype) professional intuitive 'live' reading -with compassionate guidance and suggestions where appropriate - with me and interactive discussion/collaboration with you

5) Suggestions for power symbols, and helpful imagery to incorporate on your path, which we deduct from taking in a holistic view of your chart.

What you will learn about yourself in this comprehensive reading and package:

*this is a general overview of the elements we'll address - but certainly isn't limited to these - as any intuitive reading takes its own course and develops it's own flow of information that is often channeled through naturally

Identifying, describing, and discussing:

1) Your personal solar hero's journey (life path) and discussion of transforming 'fated' elements into destiny - Sun

2) Your emotional/intuitive/sensory make up and relationship to parents/children - Moon

3) How to apply action most effectively and effeciently in your life - Mars

4) How to best utilize their unique communication and thinking skills and abilities  - Mercury

5) How to most effectively grow and transform your life - Jupiter and Pluto

6) How we love and want to be loved and valued - Venus

7) Potential areas of limitation and challenge and where we need to be more responsible as well as establish strong boundaries for ourselves - Saturn

8) Our sacred wound and how to turn it into a mode of service - Chiron

9) Potential past life stories and the evolutionary direction of your soul in this lifetime - North Node and South Node

10) How you view yourself and how others view you - Ascendent

11) Special gifts and blessings you may have incarnated with from your ancestory (DNA, family lineage, energetic history)

12) Special gifts you have to offer the world

13) Your personal elemental 'composition' of relative earth/air/fire/water energies

14) How you relate with others one one one and in group situations - and opportunities for growth areas

15) Your relationship to and with yourself! :-)

16) Learn more about your relationship of self and choices to your various chakras/energy system in your physical body


Option 2 - 60 min Natal astrology chart reading  ($147)


1)  Covering as many elements of your natal chart as possible within the hour.  Sun, Moon, Rising signs and all other basic elements.  Or we can focus on what you most want to know about - the time is yours!  2)   Computer generated report from professional astrologer software (approx 20 pages) of your personal information emailed to you

3)   Audio recording of our session

4) *Free 'Path of Destiny' report and analysis as a bonus item




Option 3 - 75 min Astrology Reading - Any topic(s)  ($177)

Ex: Synastry chart readings (permission required from second person)

have questions about a relationship?  want to patch one up? we can directly go to the source and determine exactly what each person requires to get their needs met - to feel and be loved - what it all comes down to.

Option 4 - Personal Energies Reading  ($97)

Synthesis reading  (60 min Skype or in person) and customized, emailed report based on your numerology and birth name:  life path numbers, soul number, karmic numbers, associated tarot card and elements.  This is a great reading for a concise snapshot and confirmation of your soul's desire for this lifetime, the energies you incarnated with, ideas for how to work within the light side of your gifts and stay healthy physically.


Option 5 - Professional Astrology Reports ($97)

The reports are completed with special care and attention to the unique aspects of the individual. Time is spent studying and communing with the energy of the chart before the report is written. These reports integrate the harmonious and challenging energies available to the individual in a way a computer-generated report can never do. In this way, the client can more clearly understand and use this information in a purposeful way. These reports are intended to serve as higher wisdom and guidance the individual may access to guide their choices in life. In each report, strengths and challenges associated with each area are addressed. We believe it is of great benefit to acknowledge our strengths in a spirit of gratitude and grace. Similarly, we recognize that spiritual growth lies in addressing the areas we find most challenging.

Love profile ($99)
• reveals your natural love style
• the qualities you need in a partner
• what comes easily in relating to loved ones
• where your challenge lie in relating to loved ones
• ways for addressing your unique challenges in love

Vocational profile ($99)
• highlights your natural resources and skills
• reveals your natural daily working environment
• illuminates your highest potential
• inherent strengths & challenges
• ways to address your unique challenges in vocation

Health profile ($99)
• reveals the natural way you approach health routines, such as exercise & nutrition
• inherent strengths & challenges

ways to address your unique challenges in the health arena

Natal Chart Reading ($250)
This report is a springboard for understand the basic fundamental ways the individual presents himself/herself to the world, their approach toward finances, communications, home recreation/creativity, health, relationships, travel/higher learning, career, hopes & dreams, and subconscious forces at work.

Upcoming Planetary Transits Report ($99)
• A description of the present cosmic forces
• how they are likely to influence you in general and area-specific ways ((love, vocation, relationships, etc.)
• how these influences can be harnessed for maximum growth