Andrew Mackey    



Sacred Soul Transformation Sessions


*Based on Tibetan Shamanism

Guided Imagery Sessions /Spiritual Guidance

The foundation of the work we do at Holos University as students in Energy Medicine and Spiritual Studies is based on the work of Dr. Ann Nunley and Bob Nunley who created the Inner Counselor process.

This is a 40-60 min guided imagery process in which you are gently led to your own unique and special "place of peace", where you will meet and communicate with your personal spirit guides as well as your own 'higher self'.  You will be given an opportunity to allow your subconscious mind to work in concert with your very aware conscious mind and will - to transform and heal any issue, event, health challenge, or other circumstance from the past, present, or future that may want to be addressed.  Your subconscious leads you to transform an old symbol into a new power symbol.  

We complete the process together with a white light breathing and full body integrated imagery exercise. There is time for reflection and discussion afterward and I also encourage you to journal your experience.

*This process can be easily and effectively led and experienced over Skype if in person meeting is not an option.

*I offer an 'add on' product of creating a sacred image painting unique to your session/experience/visualization which depicts/represents the new power symbol that comes through for you.  A variety of options and prices are available based on size, complexity, and type of medium you may prefer me to create it on.


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