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Specializing In Credentials Philosophy

Andrew Mackey is an energetic, knowledgeable, friendly, positive, and motivating fitness trainer and expert holistic life coach in San Diego, Poway and the Scripps Ranch, CA area.

His passion and zeal for teaching, leading, guiding,and motivating within the health/fitness and wellness industry have had transcendental impact on hundreds of people over the past 14 years. He excels in utilizing a refined intuition in the designing, creating and/or implementing of multi-faceted and multi-dimensional fitness programs for individuals and their specific, unique needs.

From helping individuals transform their bodies, to teaching about the science of energy, healthy modes of relaxation, centering and harmonizing within life, and healing the body/mind/spirit, his efforts have incurred exciting results for a broad range of clientele of all ages and various goals.

Discover the life enhancing self-growth consultations, and the invigorating workouts this professional can provide to you one-on-one in the comforts of your own home, gym, or outdoor setting. Find out how holistic personal training and guidance with Andrew can be a key to unlocking your perfect health potential.


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